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STATE OF JEFFERSON BROTHERHOOD MOTORCYCLE CLUB is based from the idea of the State of Jefferson movement from 1941, where Northern California and Southern Oregon wanted to succeed from their States to form a separate State, the State of Jefferson. I will start with a brief history lesson.

The State of Jefferson secession movement of 1941
The State of Jefferson was a concept, that Northern California and Southern Oregon shared, to succeed in creating a new State, The "Republic of Jefferson" was an American state that existed for about 10 months, WW II and the Bombing of Pearl Harbor brought an end to the Republic of Jefferson. They believed a Nation divided after being attack would hurt the USA, and that this was not a good time to defend the secession of their STATE and chose to defend their Country first.
The concept of the State of Jefferson started 1852 when a bill was introduced in the California State Legislature meeting at Vallejo California.
This bill died in committee and the proposal was never acted upon. After Oregon was incorporated as a state in 1859, miners in the area refused allegiance to either state government and declined to pay taxes.
During the Civil War some settlers were interested in creating a northern haven.
By 1941 the movement was sparked again when certain counties in California and Oregon decided that they were not being fairly represented by Sacramento California and Salem Oregon.
This was a region that earned a living off the lumber, fishing, and other harvesting businesses in the area and both California and Oregon governments were not distributing infrastructure funding equally to the area. Mainly, poor road quality and lack of bridges made it difficult to earn a living in this remote area.
They wanted to break away and form their own state to improve their lifestyles by governing themselves with their own laws.
The State of Jefferson Citizens Committee was formed, which was made up mostly of members of Yreka's 20-30 club, and announced that the State of Jefferson would be created every Thursday until recognized. Each Thursday committee members would go out to highway 99 at the location where it entered the boundaries of the State of Jefferson, and would cover the signs with sheets that said "State of Jefferson" on them. They would then set up roadblocks and activists on horse-back with guns, would stop traffic and hand out out copies of the Proclamation of Independence, and red and blue windshield stickers which read, "I have visited JEFFERSON, the 49th State." and then let the people through. Most people thought the whole thing was a joke, but that didn't upset the activists at all.
In the meantime, Yrekans were not amused when a California legislator commented on the floor of the State Assembly that the "Northern border counties bartered only in bear claws and eagle beaks." This attitude led the citizens of the area to be receptive when the Siskiyou Daily News ran a banner headline stating "Siskiyou Has Been Double Crossed Again" on November 3, 1941. Thus, Yreka, California was designated "Temporary State Capitol" and the "State of Jefferson" seal was created. The seal was a mining pan etched with a double cross - representing the long-time injustice suffered by the provincials at the hands of Salem and Sacramento. The seal clearly illustrated that the area had been double-crossed once too often. For more information (See the history of the State of Jefferson)

The STATE OF JEFFERSON BROTHERHOOD MC was initially formed in the Historic Town of Happy Camp California and now have Members in multiple locations.

The concept of the SOJB MC goes back to about the late 1960s in the mind, heart and soul of Johnny Reb and the freedom of riding His motorcycle and its way of life in the remote Wilderness Town of Happy Camp.

The idea of our Club multiplied over the years just like the State of Jefferson movement until the founders began riding together and forming the HONOR, LOYALTY and BROTHERHOOD it would take to form the STATE OF JEFFERSON BROTHERHOOD MC.

The STATE OF JEFFERSON BROTHERHOOD MOTORCYCLE CLUB is made up of individuals who share a passion for riding and a strong commitment to our BROTHERHOOD.
SOJB MC maintains a disciplined club structure and function. Prospecting is mandatory and all members participate on an equal level in all aspects of club.
SOJB MC wear our colors proudly and take great pride in what we stand for.!!BFFB!! Go to HOME page